Short Stories

scarlett stilettoAmanda is a previous winner of the Sisters in Crime’s prestigious Scarlett Stilleto award for her short story Persia Bloom, the tale of a hairdresser with a highly developed sense of empathy. Persia finds a way of feeding her own strange addiction whilst finding justice for an elderly client …

Persia Bloom is published in ‘Scarlet Stiletto the Second Cut’. You can purchase it here, from Clan Destine Press. Available both in paperback and ebook formats.

wrangles_second cut

Persia Bloom by Mandy Wrangles

She has also been published in Hard Labour by Crime Factory Publications, with her story A Forgiving Kind of Nature (aka Plotting Jasper), alongside some of Australia’s most well known crime writers including Garry Disher, Leigh Redhead, Peter Corris, David Whish-Wilson and Angela Savage and a host of others. As Lindy Cameron says in her foreword: ‘Take a good sharp blade to this collection and let it bleed Aussie noir all over your floor.”


“A Forgiving Kind of Nature” by Mandy Wrangles

You can purchase a copy of Hard Labour here, from Crime Factory in both paperback and ebook formats.

For now, Amanda is leaving behind her life of crime (maybe!) and concentrating on writing Speculative Fiction – that is, fantasy, horror and science fiction and all their jumbled genres.

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